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Jessica O

The product is fully consistent with the description, Im in love 🥰

Elena S

I like to use it while cooking for the kids, since I don't have any screen on my kitchen. Totally worth it, thank you EnjoyYourDayOff for this awesome product!

Aurore L

excellent mini projector to take anywhere the picture is pretty clear "if watching in dark room" and the sound is pretty good to.very pleased with it would recommend.

Anabelle N

Arrived on time, really easy to use and set up. So small it fits in my handbag. 100% recommended


Great product and amazing quality for price

Rita S

So, I got this projector because I pretty much watch everything from my phone in bed which is pretty pathetic. I have a tv, but it's about the size of a computer screen. I rarely watch tv. I don't have cable, I just have hulu, netflix and amazon prime. I didn't want to buy a big expensive tv because that is a big investment for someone that only watches tv on hulu. So, I bought this and it is great!

Teo B

Perfect product for Netflix 👍


owner.Verified reviewExactly as expected + surprised with how fast it delivered.